Sunset 7 Studio is a recording studio in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, NY. Home to Steve Shiffman & The Land Of No, Frozen Falls, and Verona.

We have a pretty cool space out here, put together by a collective of NYC veterans. After years of toiling in various practice spaces, we wanted to create our own hive, and hunted for a room to hunker down and get good sounds to make our own records. And make some noise.

The room is the top floor in an old brownstone, the last remnants of the old dock days. It is an open floor plan of 800 sq feet, brick walls, exposed sloped ceiling, and hardwood floors, crammed with a bunch of random fun gear, but plenty of room to maneuver. Perfect for live tracking or layering overdubs, what have you. Great drum sounds. Relaxed atmosphere.

This studio is set-up to accommodate a variety of projects, just as we like it. Want to get some basic tracks down (drums, guitars, bass, etc.) and do overdubs at yr own space? Fine. Track here, mix there? No problem. Also, there is a beer fridge and a comfortable couch.

For more information and booking rates, contact the house engineer:
dAve Hollinghurst: email | website

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